Wunderbunt – The Color Puzzler

Mix col­ors. Shoot cubes with them. Win new col­ors. Sound easy? Try WUNDERBUNT. An Infi­nite Lev­els-Puz­zler, from easy to mind-bend­ing, set to relax­ing music. Take all the time you need — but make no mis­take. How far can you get?

In Wun­der­bunt, you use the pri­ma­ry col­ors red, yel­low and blue to shoot at cubes of col­or com­bi­na­tions — red, orange, pur­ple, yel­low, green, blue and white — to release oth­er col­ors for your arse­nal. Can you delete all cubes and advance to the next lev­el? It sounds sim­ple, and it is oh! so much fun… but hair-rais­ing­ly dif­fi­cult before you can say WUNDERBUNT.

One game, one low price, no in-game pur­chas­es. What’s not to like?

How to play Wunderbunt

There are cubes of col­or in Wun­der­bunt, which hold oth­er col­ors trapped inside:

This green cube holds a pur­ple reward.

In Wun­der­bunt, you mix the base col­ors you gain from the cubes to unlock the oth­er col­ors they hold inside; and by unlock­ing all the cubes in a sequence, you clear the lev­el and advance to the next.

The cube above is green; so you need to have blue and yel­low to mix green, and as a reward you get to unlock pur­ple — a blue and a red base charge.

The charges you can use at the begin­ning of a sequence are stored in your tube below the play­ing field. This is how a typ­i­cal game lev­el looks on screen:

Twelve cubes — but in which order do you need to unlock them?

The glassy tube at the bot­tom holds your base charges. As you can see, it can hold up to three blue, yel­low or red charges, and you cur­rent­ly only have one red charge in the tube:

A tube hold­ing one red charge.

Since you can only unlock the bot­tom row cubes, this means you could only unlock the two red cubes at the bot­tom left.
You pick one of them by select­ing any of the sil­very selec­tor but­tons below each col­umn. Let’s pick the white one, and a “series” begins — the order in which you will unlock the cubes. The more you unlock in one go, the more points you make!

With the left­most selec­tor picked first, Wun­der­bunt shows the start of a series. 

Once you have picked the first cube for your series, imag­ine the col­ors you unlock: You lose your red charge from the tube, but you get back white — which is one red, one yel­low and one blue each. So you know that after unlock­ing the first cube, your tube will con­tain all the col­ors need­ed to unlock a white cube, the most dif­fi­cult to unlock. 

See that there is a white cube right above the red you are unlock­ing above the left? By pick­ing the left­most selec­tor again, we can now build up the series to unlock that one, too:

A series of two cubes select­ed for unlocking

We could press the big red FIRE but­ton in the mid­dle below now. You will see that both the red and white cubes would explode in sequence: For your red charge you get white back, and with that white com­bi­na­tion you get green (blue and yel­low) back, and with blue and yel­low you could unlock any blue, yel­low or green cube.

Here is a lit­tle film that shows how to solve this entire lev­el in one series:

An easy lev­el: All cubes can be unlocked in straight columns.

We hope this helps! Note that there are dead ends if you run out of col­ors, and most impor­tant­ly: The more cubes you unlock in one series, the expo­nen­tial­ly more points you make!

Enjoy Wun­der­bunt!